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Tradition - Generation after Generation

1910 - Founding of Carl Flemming Fireworks Factory
Carl Flemming †
Founder Carl Flemming †

Carl Flemming Fireworks Factory was founded in Hamburg-Neugraben.

Development and manufacture of pyrotechnic effects and all types of fireworks.

The company's impressive fireworks displays were a source of amazement for crowds far and beyond the city boundaries.

1929 - Expansion of the range of products
Exhibition stand Carl Flemming
Exhibition stand Carl Flemming

Expansion of the range of products and participation at exhibitions.

The original focus on fireworks was extended to the development and manufacture of:

  • distress signals
  • high-pitched sound and detonation effects
  • smoke and fog applications.

More than 20 workers were employed.

1937 - Special effects for air-raid practice
1937 Price list "Air-raid practice"
1937 Price list "Air-raid practice"

The enterprise continued to develop.

The product range now extended to

  • special practice effects used in the training of air-raid wardens.


1939 - More than 200 employees

The total number of employees exceeded 200.

The company own premises, extending to 100.000 m², was now in effect an industrial estate in its own right.

1947 - Production was resumed following the 2nd World War

Resumption of the production of simple pyrotechnics such as:

  • Tealights (so-called Hindenburg lights)
  • Sparklers
1949 - Production increased once restrictions were lifted
"Flemming Fireworks" advertisement
"Flemming Fireworks" advertisement

Resumption of the production of

  • display fireworks
  • distress signals
1959 - Changing of the guard

Carl Flemming passed away.

His son, Hermann Flemming, became head of the company.

1971 - Relocation to Hornbek
The manufacturing facility in Hornbek
The manufacturing facility in Hornbek

The company relocated to its present site at Hornbek in the Duchy of Lauenburg, Schleswig Holstein.

The premises were in the then border zone, only 10km from the former East German Border.
At that time there were 8 employees.
The company developed and manufactured
  • marine distress signals
  • smoke applications
  • rescue lights
  • flares.

Display fireworks remained one of the company's main strategic products.

1998 - Founding of PyroPol GmbH
Olaf Flemming
Olaf Flemming

PyroPol GmbH was founded by Olaf Flemming and Werner Beckmann (Permalight AG) on the premises of Carl Flemming's pyrotechnics factory in Hornbek.

Olaf Flemming thus leads the family tradition in the third generation. He is able to rely on the extensive know-how and experience of a company history rich in tradition.

Safe, efficient and user-orientated manufacture of pyrotechnic products combine with punctual delivery as the mainstays of an assured company future, and have remained so since its foundation in 1910.


1999 - Production commences

Production commences and the DIN EN ISO 9001 : 1994 quality management system is introduced.

The range includes the devlopment and manufacture of following products:

  • Marine distress signals
  • Smoke applications
  • Rescue lights
  • Flares

To beging with there were five male and female employees.

2001 - Expansion of the production programme
Stand at the Boot Düsseldorf exhibition
Stand at the Boot Düsseldorf exhibition

Production was expanded and the company now participated in exhibitions.

The range was extended to the development and manufacture of

Das Programm umfasst nun auch die Entwicklung und Herstellung von

  • MOB light/smoke signals
  • special effects.

There were now seven male and female employees.

2004 - Update of quality management levels

Quality management now achieved certification at the DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000 level.

The company now employed 13 men and women.

2008 - Refurbishment of the production area
A production area after refurbishment
A production area after refurbishment

The production area, the canteen and toilets underwent major reconstruction.

The walkways between the production areas were roofed over.

2009 - Construction of a warehouse
The warehouse
The warehouse

Increased storage demands necessitated the building of a new warehouse.

The warehouse has an area of approx. 350 m² and accommodates 200 pallet storage positions. Provision for future expansion was taken into account.

The level of quality management was now updatede to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

2010 - Relocation to new office premises
Pyropol Head Office
Pyropol Head Office

The dwelling house neighouring the production facility was converted to our headquarters.

It provided space for new offices, meeting rooms and recreational areas for management and administrative staff.

2010 - Co-founder Werner Beckmann †
Werner Beckmann †
Werner Beckmann †

The co-founder of PyroPol GmbH, Werner Beckmann, died on Dezember 9th, 2010.

We will always remain grateful for his unflagging engagement and assistance.

Olaf Flemming now headed the company as sole partner.

2011 - Update of quality management certification

Update of quality management standards to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

There were now 16 male and female employees and 6 part-timers, together with two apprentices.

2012 - Participation at international trade fairs
Stand at METS, Amsterdam
Stand at METS, Amsterdam

Our products were presented at national and international trade fairs

  • GPEC 2012
  • METS 2012


2012 - Revamp of our web site and opening of our online shop
Front page of the 2012 online shop
Front page of the 2012 online shop

The PyroPol Online Shop went online.

The web site received a fresher, more modern design.

The future

The development and manufacture of further specialised pyrotechnics.

Intensification of cooperation with national and international partners.

Expansion of marketing activities in the recreation and outdoor sectors.