NICOSIGNAL with magazine without cartridges

Personal, including essential signal generator for water sports, adventurers, expedition teams.

The NICOSIGNAL can be carried under all conditions directly on the body and is essential for sailors, surfers, boaters, divers, mountaineers, and adventurers in each element. Due to its high signal rising star beat NICOSIGNAL bridges to civilization, when it comes to summon rescue and ensure communication. NICOSIGNAL work even when other means of communcation have long reached their limits - for a dive, it works in extreme cold or extreme heat and a sandstorm is also not a problem. For these reasons, the NICOSIGNAL was already multiple companion of adventurers ad expedition teams in Greenland, Alaska, Spitsbergen, on the K2 in the Himalayas, in the Gobi Desert and the Sahara. Communication ensures life when the fun times is serious.

The NICOSIGNAL is additionally secured with a plastic splint in the trigger.

CAREFUL: In case of contact with sand or salt water, it is recommended(for example rinse thoroughly with water) to thoroughly clean the NICOSIGNAL and dry place. Otherwise, the NICOSIGNAL is maintenance free.
Zulassungsnummer "PTB Nr.:731"
D A T A  S H E E T
185 x 40 x 55mm 
0,140 kg (without cartridges)
Service temperature:
- 30 ° C to + 44 ° C
Cartridge not included in scope of supply
Cartridges and magazine you find in our shop
NICOSIGNAL Cartridges, 6 pieces
Legally advice:
To carry a NICOSIGNAL`S needs a official permission ("small firearms licence" under § 10 (4) sentence 4 i.V.m. Anl. 2 part. 2 under part 3 Nr. 2 and 2.1 WaffG.)
"A permit for carrying needs not who performs a signal gun in mountaineering, as a responsible leader of a watercraft, on this vehicle for emergency and rescue exercises. Continue to be excluded from the authorization requirement is, who performs a signal gun for dispensing start or end characters at sports events when optical or acoustic signaling is required."

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