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Our Mission

To provide the highest quality pyrotechnics and special effects for commercial and private use combined with maximum level of customer support and reliability.

Our Philosophy

To create a safe future with and for our customers.

Quality over Quantity.

Our Company

A family lead business with a distinct vision for the future to manufacture and supply safety for your projects.

Professionals as partners

PyroPol GmbH was founded in 1998 by Olaf Flemming and Werner Beckmann († December 9, 2010). At its expansive 60,000 m² premises in Hornbek, around 40 km east of Hamburg, the company develops, manufacturers and markets pyrotechnical distress signals and special effects for commercial use, recreational activities and government agencies.

With a family tradition stretching back more than a century – the Carl Flemming Artistic Firework Manufacture having been established in Hamburg-Neugraben in 1910 – the Flemming name truly stands for three generations in relentless pursuit of innovation and perfection in pyrotechnics. Alongside quality and stability, always dominant factors in our company’s history, the day to day running of the enterprise is hallmarked by the professionalism of the workforce and the success of partnerships with other companies.

A rich tradition and international experience form the strong foundation on which to develop our special pyrotechnic effects – always keeping the demands and requirements of the end-user very much within our sights. Safety, dependability and quality are paramount – rubber-stamped by the DIN certification EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

Continuing research and development, together with unwavering commitment to quality control, ensure our products satisfy highest safety and environmental standards.


In the 2012 fiscal year, Pyropol GmbH generated a turnover or 2.3m €, and currently employs 16 men and women and 6 temporary workers. Faced with a business environment in permanent flux, our high standards of competence and performance are decisive in securing the continuous and sustainable advancement of the enterprise.

We therefore accept the challenge of ensuring a positive workplace experience while offering a range of vocational training opportunities. We regard youth development sponsorship as a solid investment in the future. That is why we routinely educate young people, while we are also strongly involved in the corporate sponsorship of two regional youth football teams.