Handflare Red CF3, SOLAS

Hand-held distress signal to the exact position marker for use day or night
The Handflare Red CF3 -SOLAS-, approved according to SOLAS, MED, USCG is designed to withstand even exceptional environmental conditions and to ensure reliable operation even after immersion in water. The ignition at the bottom of the handflare, the cold end of the handflare, by firing pin, guarantee safe and easy handling. The handflare is burning drip-free for 60 seconds at a light intensity of 15.000 candela. Due to its bright red glowing flame with very great luminosity offers the signal an optimal position marker even by day. After activating the hand flare, it continues to burn even underwater.
Required on the ship bridge and kept available on board of the lifeboats and rafts.
Recommended for all types of boats – whether for business or leisure.
Art.-Nr.: 2-1304600