Personal, including an essential signal generator for water sports, adventurers, expedition teams.

The MARINER LifeBouy-Light, approved according to SOLAS/MED is developed for connection to a life buoy marking the position in search and rescue operations in the twilight/dark and also works safely on fuel or oil-covered water. The activation is done after the overboarding automatically by the erection of the device in water. The drop height is tested up to 60m (SOLAS requires only 30m).
High-quality components such as a robust plastic float, brass battery tube and a switching relay with tilt switch and a special light bulb, ensure reliable function and long life. If necessary, individual components can be replaced easily. For decades is this proven quality product “Made in Germany” from the house PyroPol in use worldwide. The MARINER LifeBouy-Light lights up for a period of 2 hours at a light intensity of at least 2 candelas.
To fulfil the SOLAS Directive are only using MONO ALKALINE batteries 1.5V, LR20!
For installation on board are two types of holders are available as accessories.
Holder plastic (Art.-Nr.: 1003 010)
Holder stainless steel (Art.-Nr.: 1003 020)
Art.-Nr.: 3-1003 000